Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Okay, so I want to change out the information on the side of my blog; you know, update my kids pictures and information in the layout (Briana's almost 14 and HATES Miley Cyrus even though it says it's one of her favorites!). So my question is, have any of you saved or printed out your blog pages? I'd like to use my blog as part of my journal (pictures and all) before I change my blog. So, have you done it? If so, how? I promised Briana I wouldn't post anything else until I've changed it! Thanks in advance!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Anybody out there?

I'm just curious as to how many people actually "BLOG" now that Facebook is taking over the world! Don't get me wrong...I actually LOVE Facebook and the fact that I can quickly check on my sisters, brothers, friends and cousins. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there in the blogging world still...Oh, and I'll post some pictures while I'm here...Me with Matthew, me with Thayne, me with Rendon, me with Cal...where's MY baby boy?!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Visitors!

Aaah....the joys of coming for a visit! I love it, I crave it, I want more of it! We were lucky to have Val's family come and stay for a few days...the hubbys mainly golfed and we hung out, played a lot of "Wacky Six", and went to the City of Rocks! We're so glad they could come and play before their baby came!

The Memmott's were here over the 4th of July and we were lucky (again!) to have Guppy's family come for a day or two! What's a 4th of July party without food, fireworks, fun and family?! (That's a lot of "f" words!)

To close out our summer, the George's came and we took the boat out for some skiing and wakeboarding! The only problem...the weather! It sucked! We've had some perfect days for boating, but the wind and cold weather appeared when they came! We still had so much fun...(don't ya LOVE Mike's wetsuit look...I HAD to take a picture from the front AND the back!) and I don't know why I didn't get any pictures of them in the water...sorry! Oh, the faded picture you see...we were busy talking and Braiden started putting pieces of playdough on the screen door! We had to take his picture throught the screen! Naughty boy! Just kidding...he's so dang precious...just ask him to say "chocolate pop tart" and you will melt!
We're back in school, back on a schedule, back to life, back to reality! Here's the girls getting ready for 5th grade (Kaycee), 8th grade (Briana), and 1st grade (Kelsie). I should've had Kelsie take off her jacket...she has such a cute outfit on!

Friday, June 5, 2009

mY tOp 10 HaPpEnInGs SiNcE i LaSt PoStEd (In OrDeR bY dAtE, nOt By ImPoRtAnCe)

10) Went to Moab with the Memmotts. Fun! Spring Break! Warmer than Burley! Had awesome company! Pictures below!

9) Briana won 2nd place in History Day competition. Wow! Trip to Boise! Smart girl! Pictures below!

8) Our friends from Tooele came to Idaho for an awesome visit. Erin and Jared Stoker! Fun! Easter Egg Hunt w/them! Made us miss our Utah friends! Pictures below!

7) Had a fun and relaxing Easter. Church! Family! Food! Fun! Kites! Pictures below!

6) Welcomed 2 new babies into our family. Thayne (Martin and Bekki's babe)! Blake (Mike and Tiff's babe)! Cuties! Boys! Finally get to meet Blake Sunday!
5) Made a quick trip to Logan to see my good friend Angela. Darling kids! Miss her! Love her mom too! Forgot the camera! Waahh!
4) Celebrated lots of birthdays! Kaycee's 10! Kelsie's 6! Brian's old! Pictures below!
3) Kaycee won 1st place ($150!) in a Safe Kids poster contest. In all of Idaho! Nice plaque too! Will be in a calendar! Richer than her mom! Picture below!
2) Attended the girls Dance Recital. Lots of performances and rehearsals. Girls were beautiful! Glad it's over! Pictures below!

1) Had our last day of school 2008-2009! Yippee! We love summer! Capris! Flip-flops! Family Reunions! Bear Lake! Watermelon!

There you go, that's a bit of catch up on my part. I can't wait to go visit all of your blogs and catch up with you too (and to see if you've been slacking too!)! Hope to see a lot of you this summer!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here's a shout-out for warm weather!

Okay, the calendar now says March that means Spring, right?! I am SO ready for some warm weather and good times! Get me out of the house already! I'm posting some pictures from last summer to get me in the mood for sunshine! (If that stupid gopher, or groundhog, comes back out of his hole and sees his shadow again, I'm going to bop him as hard as I can...I'm DONE with winter!)

Bruneau Sand Dunes and Balanced Rock

It's President's Day, no one has to work or go to school...what do you do?! Well, I was GOING to catch up on laundry, clean house and paint my bedroom, but who wants to do that?! Brian had us pack a few snacks, some warm clothes and get in the truck for a family outing. And then we drove...and drove...and suddenly we were at the Bruneau Sand Dunes. Apparently my Dad took us here when we were younger (but I don't really remember it!). It probably would have been extremely fun, but the wind was so strong that we couldn't even talk to each other, seriously, or we would have a mouthful of sand! It was beautiful and we did have some family fun. But we were still finding sand in our ears, in our pockets, you name it...for days and days! After the Sand Dunes, we stopped for a hike up to Balanced Rock, but Kelsie and I decided to stay in the truck while Brian, Briana and Kaycee trekked it! I'm really not a wimp (or pregnant, as Debbie thinks!), but someone needed to stay with Kelsie, who REFUSED to get back out in the cold and wind! Fun times, I tell ya!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

At this rate...

...I'll have 10 total blog posts in the year 2009! Yes, I've become quite the blog-slacker, but I've become quite the Facebook-er! Facebook is much easier to maintain since you just quickly comment, reply, etc. You don't have to "decorate" a blog or give it just come and go! Okay, so you fellow facebook-ers...are you slacking on your blogs too or are you ignoring housework, children-time, making dinner, etc. in order to maintain your blog?! Oh look...I posted something below!